The art of networking

The art of networking

Networking is not a fight.

Networking is not a contest

Networking is considered one of the best mechanisms for business development without breaking the bank. For too many though, it’s as formidable as signing up for a jousting contest.

With the exception of specific clubs, whose closed membership premis forces internal referrals in a target driven structure, that does not always mean the ‘best option’ recommended but that doesn’t detract from their success and successes, many attend networking events with the wrong mindset.

Put simply, if you attend networking events with the sole aim of gaining business you’ve already failed.

Like many social engagements and activities, networking, formal or casual is about help and assistance. In any conversation, each representative will have their own issues and problems to solve. Most of the time, these problems will be nothing to do with you and you’re business aspect, however this is exactly why your there. Who do you know and can recommend, that can help?
<h4>Focus on being the funnel</h4>
‘Who do you know and can recommend’? It’s worth repeating as this is the crux of networking. By establishing a broad base of ‘contacts’, regarded professionals, and helping other delegates connect with these individuals sets you apart from the needy ‘me, me, me’ crowd. Done well over time you become the ‘goto’ information point, more importantly you also find you’re now the recipient of numerous referrals from all those you’ve helped and recommended.

We’ll give more networking tips in future posts.

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