I don’t need Insurance… Or do I?

I don’t need Insurance… Or do I?


None of us like being forced or even just persuaded into paying out for insurance, whether for your car or van, house, pets or your own life!

But what if there was another good reason to get it…


Many venues (particularly the nicer ones), now expect and often demand that anyone supplying services in their venue must provide their own Public Liability Insurance. The reason is simple, it reduces the venues insurance premiums if they insist that all those people who bring and present a potential risk, provide their own PLI.  Imagine how many Electricians and Plumbers, DJs and Bands, Photographers and Florists go to a venue each year, oh and of course Photo Booth operators!  Pretty much every Council owned venue will now insist on seeing your PLI, most 4 & 5 star hotels will also and it’s on the increase as they realise how much money they will save.

It may not have happened yet, but sometime soon you will be asked to provide proof that you have PLI.

The Unknown

Because Photo Booths are a relatively new phenomenon, many Insurance companies will charge a lot of money to cover you, as they don’t understand the risks associated with operating a booth.

Plus of course the ‘boring bit’ – If someone has an accident caused by you or your booth, you don’t lose your business, car, savings or home, the insurance takes care of it, including your legal expenses!  Setting up your booth in a public area is probably more hazardous than the actual operation, including trip hazards, metal frame parts, heavy printers etc. What if too many people rush into your booth while you’re arranging the props and it collapses? Drunk people are a hazard and we deal with them on a nightly basis, they may still claim on you if they have an accident associated with your booth when they sober up. Whether it’s Legal expenses in defending against a claim or settling the claim for you, that’s why PLI is a reassuring thing to have

Mobile DJ Network have been providing their Mobile DJ Members with PLI for 6 years, a reliable company with great customer service, they have several thousand DJs with annual Membership which includes PLI.

Membership is just £29.99 per year, for which you get £10m Public Liability, £10m Employers Liability Insurance, £10m Products Liability Insurance, free Webhosting and more!

Sign up to Photoboothmembership.co.uk and get the PLI you need to get into venues. Join like minded professional Photo Booth owners, join photoboothmembership.co.uk, get covered, get protected and get into venues!

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